Yesterday, Sheep-man graciously allowed me 6 hours with which to start editing and revising the first draft of The Incident. By the end of this allotted time I had gone through only two chapters, or approximately 7000 words. I focused specifically on these two chapters as they are the ones I intend to post on this blog as previews or teasers before the completed work is self published online in late November.

I will be using this blog as a means of communicating with a hopefully growing group of interested readers before the day of the great reveal.

The chapters I intend on posting introduce the two main characters in my book. The first, Callum Striker, is my lead character. The second, Frank Smith, is his friend and university roommate. More I will not say as I want the teasers to give you an idea of who each character is as well as giving a taste of the theme of my book. Of course I will be welcoming questions and criticism as the process develops because at the end of the day you are my readers, my editors and my critics. 

Following the self-publishing route allows me to get my work out there, and may be - if somewhat naively said, seeing as I have no clue what I'm doing - the shortcut to maximizing my readership and experience.

I look forward to the months ahead...saying more would just spoil the feeling.

Baden Campbell


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